Tuesday, June 14, 2011

How To Stand Triumphantly In Our Disappointments

Love the idea and the thought that it is the way we can stand strong and successful when we have disappointment, trials, struggles and afflictions in life. Sometimes this is very tough when we have struggles and disappointments in life we thought to give up and loss our hope. But does not the solution and reason for our disappointment and struggles. Struggles, trials and disappointments it is what makes us know of who we really are. We have the ability and capacity to overcome and excel if we believe and have faith. There are people that will hate you, rate you, break you and shake you but if you know how to handle and stand in spite of what they do, you will stand triumphantly.

The problem with us people we have this weaknesses of jealousy, prideful and we don’t want that somebody is better than us. That is why we hate somebody if he or she is better than us. We want them not to succeed instead we should be happy for their success and achievement in life. We should change our bad attitude and bad habit that would hinder the success for other people and ourselves as well. We cannot go anywhere and we will not succeed if we don’t change our bad attitude to good one. Most of the time people succeed because they are good, nice and they work hard to achieve what they believe in.

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