Friday, April 22, 2011

Snowing In The Spring

Wake up this morning and amazed that we still have snow in the month of April in Michigan. It is weird weather that we have now and winter is not over yet. Month of April is almost over we supposed to have nice spring weather but the weather this days is kind of strange. But last week we already have 80 degrees here we thought that it will continues to warm already and nice spring weather but here you go snowing. But you know Michigan weather nobody could tell because it just keep changing.

Gladly that's all we got here in Michigan the cold weather and the snow. But sad to say that some other state they have tornado's that destroys some people property and also loss someone loves ones life. Heard and seen the news that we have already 163 tornado's and the month of April is not over yet. Last year they all have 160 tornado's during spring time. They said this is the highest record of tornado's that we have in USA. We can all pray for the nice weather and take care of the mother nature that's all can hope for now because the Almighty the only one who knows everything that was happening here on the earth.

1 comment:

eugene said...

Life is wonderful when we know that we are blessed even in the snow that is in the spring,,,,,,,,,

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