Sunday, March 6, 2011

Talents Need To Develop

There are times in our life that we think we can’t do because we thought we can’t. Sometimes we under estimate ourselves or sometimes we are lack of confidence or shy. We think we are not capable of doing that thing because we thought it is impossible to happen. But all of a sudden you try and you did make it. Sometimes in life we just need somebody to inspire and encourage doing those things. We need somebody to push us so that we can build confidence in ourselves. When I read and look at some of my articles that I wrote sometimes I could not believe that I did those. I feel great about myself, for me it is like a life achievement. I know it is just little and simple things but it is a really a great pleasure and nice feelings, it prove me that I can make it and with God’s grace nothing is impossible.

I know that we all have talents but we just need to discover it and develop. We need to share our talents and we need also to practice more otherwise we will lost our talents and we lose our desire also. We just need to believe ourselves that we can do it. Take time and make an effort to enhance and develop your talent more. Blogging is also a talent, for me I consider as a talent and other people they don’t have desire to do blogging or have patient in doing blogging because it takes time and patient before you can see the best result. Everybody is different but I believe we do have talents that we need to develop and need to recognize. Sometimes people also will discourage us that we can’t do but we have to prove them wrong that they were mistaken of what they believe. You have proved them wrong and they will amaze the result of your desire, it is great pleasure and very rewarding feeling when you did it.

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Anonymous said...

truly. sometimes,there are gifts that we do not know we have :)

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