Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Month Of February Occassion

February is a memorable month for us, why? The reason for this is, it is our wedding anniversary and of course Valentine’s Day. As I have mentioned before that time flies like crazy, maybe because I’m getting mature not older, mature sounds better than older. Older word makes aches in my knee and my body. We are not sure yet what we will do and where we going to go but I have already ideas in my mind. I hope my hubby would like my idea. I already give him a hint what I would like to do this year. We’re married February 12, 2005; this is our sixth year wedding anniversary. I should not put the date here, will see if he remembers the date of our wedding anniversary. I know some men are terrible with dates, my husband are one of them.

In Gregorian calendar the month February is the second month of the year and also the shortest month. We all know that February we only have 28 days and 29 days during leap year. In the northern part of the world February is the very cold month that is why Michigan is very cold during these days, snow storm and cold weather grrrrrr you need your thick warm coat to keep you warm. Winter is not fun especially shoveling the snow in your driveway, but beautiful to look outside though. But I know everybody y is looking forward for the spring already. Spring is not far off, isn’t it exciting to see birds singing, flowers bloom and sunny days again. In the Southern Hemisphere enjoy the warm weather, it’s usually their mid summer weather during February.

Also in the second day of February it is a Ground Hog’s Day this is superstitious belief. In the olden times they told that the ground hog comes out of the burrow and we have to look for the shadow. If there is sunshine and he sees his shadow, then he goes back to sleep and there will more winter time and if he doesn’t then the spring time will begin.

But the most exciting occasion in every month of February is Valentine’s Day. This custom has been practicing since hundreds and hundreds of years already, valentine greeting have been found or started way back 1400’s and celebrated in most western countries. Children give valentines card and have party in school. Young and old exchange cards with their love ones. Then in our times this called the called lover’s month. Most of the hotels, restaurants are fully book, flowers,chocolates and gifts are sold out. Enjoy your time with your love one and Happy Valentines everyone!


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