Sunday, February 13, 2011

Facebook Made Change

Facebook is one of social networking websites that has been popular these days. You want to stay in contact with families, friends and old friends you can do it here in Facebook. You can chat your friends here and upload your pictures if you want that share that your friends. You can also share ideas and express yourself what’s on your mind and feelings. Also they have online games, if you are individual that gets bored all the time you can use Facebook to play. I know Facebook has been around for quite a while but some are not familiar with Facebook that is why I just give some insights what Facebook is all about.

But if you are a Facebook user I want to share this idea and tip that I just get this from a friend who is a Facebook user also and share this idea. Every now and then most of the websites they do updates and change of their websites and usually we can’t notice right away. Have you've recently noticed you are only seeing updates or comments from the same Facebook users lately, it's because Facebook made a change. You can only see posts from people you interact with regularly. If you want to change this is how you do. You can see in the bottom of the News Feed on Home Page and select 'Edit Options', click on 'Show Posts From', change setting to 'All Of Your Friends and Pages'. By doing this you can see post from your friends even you did not interact them often times. You can still know and see their post and update if you care and interested.

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