Friday, February 25, 2011

Do You Believe In Miracle?

Life is always been a miracle to me and every day of our life for me is a miracle. I just read a newspaper yesterday about the earthquake in New Zealand and there are Cebuano's people that are victim also. I am concern and feel sorry for those families and family that are affected because I am also Cebuano that's why I can understand and sad for those tragedy. I read from a the newspaper there is one girl or guy I was not sure the gender but they work abroad as a nurse. If I remember that day she or he did that work for some reason. He or she just got up from the phone talking to her co-worker or friend from where they work and boom just two minutes after they talk earth quake came. Then the one he/she talks in the phone which is her/his co-worker is missing. She/He is lucky because of not working that day it save her/his life so that is a miracle.
Life is just quick and passing, it break my hurt when I read this news but that's life. That is why I believe that life is a miracle. We have to cherish and we should make out life worth living every single day of our life because we don't know whats gonna happen. Only God knows everything and each time I wake up every morning I always give thanks to God for another day and another life because for me life is a miracle. Look hows the technology work this days it was also a miracle. For me I believe that there is always miracle in our life if you believe and have faith.

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