Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Set Priorites Need More Effort On Blogging

As what I mention in my other website that I need to put more effort on blogging this year. Life sometimes just too busy but I need to priorities things. This is a good way to start a year with goals and set priorities in life. But it seems still I am far behind but the good thing I am still trying. While I visit some of the websites I found out that there’s money on the internet. Only you have to make an effort and time to make it happen. I already earn from blogging but not much as other people do but I think they also put too much time and effort with their website. Blogging is not easy as I thought it would be, you have too much to learn and know, it is easier to say than done. But every day is a learning experience and getting better and better.

Life in general it is the same thing but you have to take it slow, one day at a time. But once you learn already it is much easier to handle and the more you appreciate life. Hope this year will be a good year to all of us and we will work for the best and hope for the best also. We will reap of what we have planted so need to work hard to be able to achieve our goal this year. Wish me luck and good luck everyone!!!


Scotty's Princess said...

I sound like you when I was just a newbie more than 3years ago. I have a regular job on a 8-5 basis but all at the same time managing 5 blogs, four (4) of which are monetized. Mind you, I don't do blogging at work. I don't corrupt people's money being a civil servant. I do blogging only when I am at home. There's a point where I wish there's more than 24 hours a day to accomplish all the things I want to accomplish. There's just too many things to do but very little time.

I wish you goodluck in your blogging journey.


All the best,

Fisher and Staff said...

You have a lot of company out here. I know I need to do more, but more importantly I need to get rid of putting myself under pressure. I tried it and actually got more done. Thanks for reminding me!

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