Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Life Choices To Make

We have two choices either to complain or rejoice. In our life we have trials and challenge this compare to the thorns. We have a choice we either rejoice or to complain. But thorns help us to make us stronger; this will makes us become a better person. I know when thorns comes our way we always complain, that’s the natural reaction of natural human being. We usually don’t have patience, we don’t want pain, we want easy but trials and challenges are design to happen in our life. The reason for this, so that we will appreciate the good things and this will makes us stronger. When trials and challenges strikes again, it will become much easier to handle.

Instead of complaining we should appreciate our trials and challenges or rejoice and be thankful. Roses are the blessings, we can attain or obtain the blessings only if we willing to sacrifice and face the challenges with a grateful heart. Trials and challenges teaches us, also we can learn so many things after the trials and challenges. We bloom like roses, meaning we grow and become wiser. We always remember that there always sunshine after the rain.

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sir rob said...

Choices we made are hard to come by and not easy to decide...!!

A Matter of Choices

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