Monday, November 22, 2010

Internet Safety For Our Children

Our children nowadays are so expose in the internet but there is good and bad about this. The questions are how to protect them and be safe in using them. We can also asked around, friends and families, how to handle to our children in using internet our home. Here are some great ideas and tips that might help to us parents.

We should set to it that your computer in an open space for all to see, so that you can see what your kids our doing or watching in the internet.

You can also block a certain sites that are not good sites for your kids, parental control is very important.

Advised your kids not to respond any emails or any IMS (Instant Messages) from people they don’t know. Also let them talk to you if there’s any strange things show up in your home computer.

Also you can categorize Website as Favorites in the kid’s folder and that is the only website that your kids should be in or allowed to visit.

You can also advise your kids to use special screen name when communicating online, never the real name unless you know the person you’re talking to or communicating with.

Some parents has a rule that there are certain time that the kids can use the computer, only allowed to used for one hour or two after the homework is done. But this is all up to you. In this way they will not spend their time much in the computer. Spending too much in the computer is not good already, using computer is addicted, and that is why we need to monitor them.

You can installed spy ware which allow you to see who they chat with, emails and even shuts the internet down at a certain time each day. Also there is great website out there that is helpful for parents keep their children safe.

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