Thursday, September 2, 2010

Found The Other Heart In The Other Side Of The World

Everything that we have in our life has purpose and reason behind, it is really nice and true. Definitely agree with this word of wisdom. I am happy that I found the other heart and I was absolutely happy with him. We love and understand each other, we cherish every single moment of our life. Even though we have different culture and nationality but both of us are willing to adjust each others differences. It takes a while to find him or to find me because I live in the other side of the world and he live in other side also. Finally we found each other through the help of our friend. Life is definitely amazing but everything happen for the right reason.

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RamaRao_bobby said...

wonderful quote, thanks for sharing. But I feel there is always a feeling a insecurity in long-distance relationships mainly because as long as you’re just “words on a screen” or voices on the phone there are better chances that other hit the power-off button on you anytime. You never know where you really stand in the relationship until make first serious physical pass or a look straight in the eye of your beloved. Isn't it so...What you say?

also my suggestion to u is to enable users to comment with name and their site.

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