Sunday, July 18, 2010

Know The Modern Gadgets Health Hazards

These days in age we always want to be updated in our world technologies but we should be aware that this affinity for technology can come at a cost. Health experts are reporting a slew of muscle injuries, headaches and even skin rashes in connection with modern gadgets. Sales of high definition televisions (HDTV'S) recently surpassed those of standard sets. Problem is most TV stations broadcasting in a low-res digital format, the resolution of which is up to 50 percent lower than that of a high definition broadcast. The HDTV's compensate by stretching the image to fit the screen, resulting in a slightly blurry picture and major eyestrain for kids. When presented with a fuzzy image, the eyes accommodating muscles work hard to bring it into focus explain by Los Angeles specialist in pediatric optometry. But when the image remain fuzzy, eyes easily get overtired. This can lead to headaches, dry eyes and even double vision. Until TV makers fix the glitch, try redirecting your child's or even yourself not to focus during commercials. The short breaks can reduce eyestrain by giving ocular muscles a chance to recharge. Not only HDTV's it also includes cellphones, Wii video game and many other modern gadgets today. So keep that in mind, fortunately it is easy to keep us safe once we know the dangers.

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