Thursday, July 29, 2010

How Female Sterilization Affects Your Married Life

I was married when I was already 34 years old. Having children is something that every woman thinks about at some point in her life. It is a highly emotionally charged topic, and women can be extremely conflicted about how many children to have or whether to have any at all. There are so many different things that will go through her mind, so it is extremely difficult to make the final decision on whether or not to undergo female sterilization at some point. For instance, if a woman is single and in her late 30s, she may assume that she will never give birth to a biological child. To protect herself and her health, she may decide to have her tubes tied to prevent pregnancy as she ages. This is just one situation that may happen, and there are certainly many others that women may experience throughout the course of their lives but this never cross my mind when I was single. Some women not wise enough to decide, one of the worst things that a woman can experience during this process is having regrets over the decision she has made. If she has her tubes tied, she may find herself regretting it later and wishing that she had never done it in the first place. She might have felt forced by her parents or her spouse to have the tubal ligation after her last child this situation it's hard but you have no choice.

Actually when you are in that situation you have no say at all and sometimes women have medical issues during pregnancy and her family becomes concerned about any further pregnancies. If she feels that pressure and gives in, she may later feel like she regrets her decision. I heard also that some women may have their tubes tied in their younger years after having children, but when the children leave home they start to feel the empty nest syndrome. At this point, these women may decide to have a tubal reversal or even undergo in vitro fertilization to start the process of being a mother all over again. Of course, there are women who undergo female sterilization and later become divorced. If they meet someone new and want to have children with that person, they may come to regret the decision to have their tubes tied in the first place. Thankfully, having a tubal reversal procedure is both economical and simple in most cases but it takes money to do this but it can be done if you want to.

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