Thursday, May 6, 2010

To My Mother Thank You For Everything!

Here's a poem that I dedicate to all the mothers and most especially to my mother and my mother in-law!

"I Thought I Knew a Thing or Two of Beauty"

I thought I knew a thing or two of beauty:
I've known your love since I was hours old.
But now I bear myself the awesome duty
That love turns into joy, and joy to gold.
How precious to experience your pleasure!
To be on both sides of the deep-felt glance;
To know so well the moment's gift full measure;
To be both lead and partner in that dance.
No child can be but grateful for her children
When loved so well as to know well to love.
No mother can but hope her prudent passion
Will move a heart to move as her heart moved.
The love you felt for me I now can feel,
Which makes it not more lovely but more real

Happy Mothers Day to all the mothers in the whole world you're awesome...

1 comment:

Tracy said...

Wonderful poem. It really is good to reflect on the blessings from the mothers in our lives.

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