Saturday, January 2, 2010

Health Benefits Of Papaya

There are a lot of reasons why papaya fruit has gained so much popularity. God is truly magnificent as He is the only one who can put a lot of amazing wonders in nature and making them available to mankind.

* The fruit is rich in antioxidants such as vitamins A, C and E, which fight free radicals. Thus, fruits like papaya can help prevent diseases like cancer and heart disease.

* The soluble fiber in the papaya fruits help maintain good digestion, while the enzyme papain helps break down proteins in food, thus preventing indigestion and bloating.

* The enzyme papain also helps reduce inflammation, kill bacteria and heal wounds. In fact, the grated unripe fruit is traditionally used to treat wounds, burns and skin infections.

* Due to its high level of vitamin C, the fruit is regarded as an immune system booster. It actually provides 69% of the recommended daily allowance of the said vitamin.

* The papaya's has high vitamin A content that can help maintain healthy eyes.

* Traditionally, papaya seeds have been used as an anti-parasitic, anti-inflammatory and an analgesic. It is used to treat stomach pains and to remove parasitic worms from the gut.

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David Tamayo said...

Here's another use for the enzyme found in papaya. The milky substance you see when you cut the skin of an unripe papaya is a fantastic meat tenderizer. Try it out. ;o) Take care.

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