Friday, August 28, 2009

Online Fantasy Football Wll Never Been The Same Again

To all the football enthusiasts or those just learning the sport I have a great website for you. It is called and was designed for people like you to play online football. It has all the options you want and need to play online football just like you are playing in real life. On their website you are able to start by using their online Fantasy football draft software to pick the players you want on your team. Read about all the latest Fantasy football news. Do a Fantasy football analysis or Fantasy football research to make sure your online football team is playing the best it can in order to win the games.

It is unbelievable how much it is like real life football. also allows you access to over 100 local NFL teams news feeds. See all the Fantasy football rankings, Fantasy football comparisons. You can even enter into their Fantasy football forum to talk with other players, just as if you where all actually playing a real game together. There are so many things you can do with their online Fantasy football game, to much to say here. So why not stop by their website and sign up for your chance to win a game of fantasy football.

Making Brownies From Scratch Can Be A Treat

There is nothing as delicious as biting into a freshly baked brownie. But if the only brownies you've ever had are from a package mix, you are in for a treat. Obviously, these brownies requires a little more work, but it's worth it. This recipe, in particular, features a coconut topping.


* 1 four oz package sweet cooking chocolate
* 6 tablespoons butter
* 2 tsp vanilla
* 2 beaten eggs
* 1/4 cup sugar
* 2 tablespoons milk
* 1 cup all purpose flour
* 1/2 teaspoon baking powder
* Coconut topper:
* two egg yolks
* 2/3 cup sugar
* one can evaporated milk
* 1/4 cups butter
* 1 cup flaked coconut
* 1/2 cup chopped walnuts

Backing Steps

1. Melt chocolate and butter in a saucepan; stir constantly. Remove from heat. Add eggs, sugar, milk and vanilla and mix well.

2. Stir together flour and baking powder and pour into chocolate mixture. Stir the mixture throughly.

3. Pour into a waxed paper lined baking dish, or a greased round 9x9x2" baking pan. Bake at 350˚ F for 15 minutes.

4. Spread with coconut topper and bake for 25-30 minutes more. Don't overcook - the center should be fudgy, not dry.

5. Cool and cut into bars.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Van Insurance At A Great Price

Have you heard of Autonet Insurance Group? They are running a special right now on van insurance with rates up to 70% off. Their insurance is rated so good that they guarantee that their insurance is unbeatable or you get your money back. They also offer 24 hour claim service for all those how use their insurance plans. Autonet Insurance Group also offers many different types of insurance that you might be interested in. Such as car insurance, bike insurance, hgv insurance, motorhome insurance, caravan insurance, home insurance, courier insurance, travel insurance, business insurance and yes they also offer pet insurance.

With their van insurance you are able to drive vans that weigh up to 3.5 tons on any UK or EU member state highways. This van insurance is also known as commercial vehicle insurance or commercial van insurance. It has three different levels of coverage or protection. Full comprehensive, third party fire or theft and your insurance also offers coverage for liability for death or body injuries. Also their insurance includes coverage for occupants of other vehicles. On their website you are able to get a free online quote or you can call to speak to one of their representatives in person for a quote. So if you live in the UK you should take the time to get a quote from Autonet.

Removing Odors From Your Refrigerator

Sometimes our fridge have to much food in them and we forgot that there is still left over food. Then the refrigerator starts to smell a little funky, thanks old leftovers. But don't worry there is a quick way to eradicate the odor. You just cut an orange in half and remove the pulp and fill the empty shell with 2 tbsp. of salt and place it on a plate in the back of your fridge. The salt will help absorb stale odors as the peel releases a clean citrus scent.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Excersise Is For Everyone

Are you in the or near Albuquerque, New Mexico? Do you care about your body and exercise regularly? These days exercise is not just for the health mind person but also for training for a sport or rehabilitation from an injury. A great place to get started would be the Open Gym Albuquerque Fitness Center. Their gym has many club amenities and state of the art equipment all open for you to use 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And right now the are offering a money back guarantee with a free 14 day free membership just to try out their gym. So there is no reason not to start.

A Few Traveling Tips

Here are a few traveling tips that will make your life simpler when traveling both in the states and abroad by plane. Have a great vacation this year.

  • Do not pack or bring Prohibited Items to the airport.
  • Pack travel-size containers less than 3 ounces comfortably in one, quart-size plastic, zip-top bag.
  • Place valuables such as jewelry, cash and laptop computers in carry-on baggage only. Tape your business card to the bottom of your laptop.
  • Avoid wearing clothing, jewelry and accessories that contain metal. Metal items may set off the alarm on the metal detector.
  • All types of footwear are required to be removed and placed through the X-ray machine for screening.
  • Put all undeveloped film and cameras with film in your carry-on baggage. Checked baggage screening equipment will damage undeveloped film.
  • Declare firearms & ammunition to your airline and place them in your checked baggage.
  • If you wish to lock your baggage, use a TSA-recognized lock.
  • Do not bring lighters or prohibited matches to the airport.
  • Do not pack wrapped gifts and do not bring wrapped gifts to the checkpoint. Wrap on arrival or ship your gifts prior to your departure. TSA may have to unwrap packages for security reasons.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Hawaii Is Not Just A Great Vacation Spot


So what are your vacation plans for this summer, fall or winter? Have you considered a vacation in Hawaii? It maybe easier than you think and well worth your time, there is a Maui Resort in Hawaii called Ka'anapali Resort which is located in the ever so popular vacation area of Maui. If not a vacation you may considered this as a great honeymoon spot or they even do Maui Weddings their. Ka'anapali Resort offers all the amenities or activities you might be looking for. These may include great beach and pools, well known golf courses, great restaurants at the resort and near by, malls for shopping if that is your desirer.

Their rooms are all stocked with hypo-allergenic pillows (down pillows on request), mini refrigerators, hair dryers, irons and ironing boards, clock radios, tea/coffee makers with complimentary and coffee, wired and wireless internet access, in-room safe and movies on demand. There is so much Hawaiian culture their and around the Ka'anapali Resort for you to learn about. And the surrounding area of the resort is a five star when it comes to view and service. I am sure once you are there and have had time to enjoy all they have to offer you will agree it is a vacation you will never forget.


Diet And Health Eating Tips

More great diet and health eating tips. So be healthier and get in shape, it will only make you feel better.

1. Increasing Vegetables
2. Learn to properly steam vegetables.
3. Decrease the meat and increase the vegetables called for in stews and casseroles.
4. Add grated carrots, zucchini or cabbage to chili and meatloaf.
5. Offer washed and trimmed carrot and celery sticks for snacking.
6. Add finely grated carrots, pumpkin, or zucchini to baked breads and cakes.
7. Substitute whole-wheat flour for bleached white flour when you bake.
8. Top casseroles with wheat germ or whole-wheat bread crumbs.
9. Serve bran-based cereals, or those made from shredded wheat.
10. Serve imaginative whole-grain side dishes (bulgur, kasha, etc.) instead of egg noodles.
11. Offer crackers and corn chips containing whole grains.
12. Cook with less fat by using non-stick skillets.
13. Blot all fried meats on paper towels.
14. Add a spoon of water or broth as needed instead of more fat when sautéing onions and vegetables.
15. Substitute low-fat yogurt for mayonnaise.
16. Substitute ground turkey for ground beef.
17. Substitute lemon juice or herbs for salt when cooking pasta or grains.
18. Avoid cooking with soy or Worcestershire sauce.
19. Substitute garlic or onion powder for garlic or onion salt.
20. Avoid using products that contain monosodium glutamate.
21. Use unsalted or low-salt vegetable broths and products.
22. Choose canned fruits packed in water instead of heavy syrup.
23. Use only fresh-frozen fruit without added sugar if fresh is unavailable.
24. Cut the sugar called for in most recipes by one-third to one-half.
25. Sweeten waffles and quick breads with cinnamon, cardamom and vanilla or almond extracts.
26. Add pureed banana to baked goods and reduce the sugar.

Stylish And Fashinable Maternity Clothes

I am sure this sounds like most women. You enjoy wearing the most stylish and fashionable clothing you can find at a reasonable price. You are proud of how you look and feel good about yourself. Then it happens you get married and find yourself pregnant. Now you are in need of a whole new wardrobe that will fit you while you are pregnant. The problem is you want to stay within today’s fashions and styles. In my desperate search I came across this website that is great. Their maternity clothes are fashionable and are also today’s styles. Best of all right now you can save up to 75% compared to the maternity boutiques. They have everything from short or long sleeve tops, dress, bottoms, tank’s and even plus sizes. They even have a clearance section with items as lows as $10.00. So if you are pregnant and want to stay in fashion I would hurry and checkout their selection.

Do You Know What Large Amounts Of Cola Can Do To Your Body?

We all enjoy a nice cold drink of cola every now and then. But do you know what the risks are if you drink to much cola? Today I am here to tell you what researchers have found. If you drink large amounts of cola it will lead to hypokalemia. This is a medical term used that in a sense means it a potassium deficiency marked by muscle weakness. Cola's glucose, frutose and caffeine are believed to be the cause. So if you enjoy your cola drinks it might be time to switch to a seltzer drink or make sure you drink less than two litters a day.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Latest Fashion Jewelry With Style

Do you like to keep up with the latest fashion? Then you probably have heard of Hip Hop Jewelry. If not you should take the time to visit their website and see all the newest styles when it comes to Bling Bling Jewelry. That way you will know what’s hot and what’s not. On their website you can find anything from belts to watches. Shopping on their website is secure and enables you to stay in style while getting the best price. Now is the time to checkout their great specials.

Back To School Supplies List

When it comes to writing essentials, teachers say, don't waste your money on feather pencils, light-up pencil sharpeners, or pretty erasers that don't work. And for organizational helpers, keep in mind that expensive folders with multiple pockets and zippers are often too bulky to fit in desks. Better to stick with more streamlined(and cheaper) models. Here is a list of things your student should have when they go back to work.

* Glue sticks (at least three for the year)
* Scissors (blunt ended for younger kids, pointed for older ones)
* Ballpoint pens
* No. 2 pencils (Stick with this classic to avoid classroom competition over whose writing utensil is the coolest — or most impractical.)
* Colored pencils
* A pencil sharpener (hand-held with a top to collect shavings)
* A large pink eraser (The old-fashioned ones do the best erasing.)
* Water-based markers
* A four-ounce bottle of white glue
* Highlighters (These are probably unnecessary for kids in kindergarten through second grade.)
* Spiral-bound or composition notebooks
* A three-ring binder
* Loose-leaf notebook paper (Teachers can be picky about paper. Schools usually supply specially ruled handwriting paper to help younger children with letter formation. Older children use wide-ruled paper, and some middle school students will need the college-ruled variety.)
* Pocket folders (If you get a folder with two pockets, label one "keep at home" and the other "bring to school" to help your child organize his papers.)
* Printer paper and ink cartridges (for your home computer)
* A ruler with English and metric measurements
* Scotch tape
* A stapler
* A sturdy, supportive backpack (Some schools do not permit rolling backpacks because of space considerations, so check with your school before purchasing one.)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Spruce Up Your Home With Stylish Shutters

Do you own your own home and looking for a way to spruce it up? One way that can be inexpensive would be composite shutters. Larson Shutter has many styles and colors for you too choose from. They are also offering free shipping with all their shutters. So if you are looking for a great way to make your house more appealing you should consider adding shutters to your home.

Eye & Makeup Tips

They said that it was our eyes that captured attention. I have tips that helps alluring and seductive eyes that might attract somebody.

* Always moisturize - use a good eye treatment to minimize appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and to help reduce puffiness and dark circles. This is a must for perfect peepers with or without eye makeup.

* Use an eye color base - Most cosmetic lines offer a primer that can be applied to the lid before color. A primer will help prevent your eye color from creasing as well as bring out the true color.

* Invest in brushes instead of using the sponge tip applicators - The key to beautiful eyes is the blending that can be achieved with the use of brushes. If you invest in good brushes, they will last just about forever if you take care of them. You'll find that it is easier to control the application of your cosmetics. If you have dinky eyelashes, use a lash primer to make lashes bigger, thicker and fuller. Just a couple of quick sweeps before applying mascara can make big difference.

* Create your own eyeliner with eyeshadow - Using an angled brush, dampen the bristles before dipping it into a deep eye color such as navy, brown or black. Gently run the angle brush along the lash-line like you would with a pencil. Color will appear as smooth line but as a smooth but a little softer looking than a pencil. This is a great way to enhance a smokey look.

* Lastly, don't ignore your eyebrows - Bad brows can blow the look and no brows can look even worse. Before you begin to apply your eye makeup, do a quick clean up with a pair tweezers. After applying color, pencil in any bare or thin spots followed by an eyebrow set to keep them perfectly placed all day long.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Good Way To Get A Great Massage

In these times we all feel the pressure of life and finding a way to relax or relieve stress is getting more difficult. One thing I have found that helps me relax is a great massage. But affording one of these has always been out of my reach. Then I came across the Massage Chairs made by human touch. They have many different styles to meet each individual’s needs and wants. All of there massage chairs use advance technology and design to help make your experience that much more enjoyable. Their massage chairs have even been know to be helpful to ones health by relieving stress and allow you to feel better. If you are like I once was and want to feel better. Then you should take a look at human touch’s massage chairs.

Monday, August 17, 2009

So You Want To Keep Your Veggies Fresh Longer

So you wwent a little over board at the farmer's market. Now you need to find a way to keep your produce fresh. The tip to keeping your prodice fresh for seven days is to toss a few dry sponges into your refrigerator's crisper drawer. The absorbant sponges will sop up the excess moisture that wilts vegtables.

Search Engine Optimization

If you run a website or a blog you should take tim to checkout search engine optimization. It will be worth you're time.

Do you Have Digestion Problems?

I heard this great tip on improving your digestion using limes. This maybe a tart green citrus, but the flavonoid componds are responsible for its fregrance and have a alkalinizing effect. This stimulates the production of the production of digestive juices. Maybe some of us should use the smell of limes to help are digestive system.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Get All The Reviews Before Choosing A Web Hosting Company

So you are thinking about starting a website for personal reasons or for business reasons and you just do not know were to begin. There are so many different web hosting reviews companies all with different options, which can be very confusing to many. A great place to start your search would be web hosting reviews. This service is provided by Web Hosting Geeks as a service to you. They rate the hosting companies on up time and down time, amount of space provided with each contract, that amount of traffic allowed before you have an extra charge and most of all their price. They show you the results in a simple format for you to understand all with ratings from one star to five stars.

At Web Hosting Geeks you can also find on their blog great information and tutorials like web hosting 101, different web hosting types, how to choose the right domain name and all the scope on SEO / SEM. I really enjoyed the article or discussion on Five Managed Hosting Misconceptions. This article breaks it down so even the individual to the small or medium business can understand what they need to know, before you choose your web hosting service provider. So if you are considering purchasing a web hosting service, you should stop and take a look at Web Hosting Geeks for their reviews on hosting services.

Are You Getting Eye Strain?

If you are spending to much time on the computer in Facebook, reading news or chatting online. If this sounds like you then you most likely it has left you with blurred vision or even a headache. A great treatment would be to place your thumbs on both sides of the bridge of your nose and apply a little pressure. Do this for approximately 1 minute. This will release the pressure and relax the muscles and allow the stress or blurred vision to subside. It is also know as a form of accupressure and has worked great for me.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Cold Weather Clothing At A Great Price

For some of us winter or cold weather will be here before we know it. And that means wearing warmer clothing and bundling up with heavy coats. If you traveling, enjoy winter activities or just need to go out in the cold weather then you will need a heavy coat. A great place to start would be North Face Breckenridge for their equipment, jackets, fleece, backpacks and outerwear. They have all this for both men and women in stock and ready for you. They also have gift vouchers available from $25.00 up to $100.00 and free shipping on any item over $50.00. So start your shopping today and avoid the rush.

Keep Your Pasta Salad Cool And Fresh

Summer is grilling and barbecue time and it will not complete without a salad. While your barbecue is going to be scorcher. You need to make it sure that your pasta salad stays cool and fresh. What you need to do is fill a resealable plastic bag with ice cubes and few tablespoons of salt which keeps ice cold longer. Place the sealed bag in the bottom of your serving bowl and cover with lettuce leaves and top with the pasta salad. Then serve it cool and fresh.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Your Chance To Win A Prize Worth $10,000

Have you ever been to Italy, Greece, France or India? For me this sounds like a great vacation that I may never be able to visit. Well today I found a way I could have a chance to go to on of these places. It is by entering into Stouffers-panini great contest. The contest is to promote their four new products Bistro Chicken Soulaki, Bistro Meatballs & Peppers, Lean Cuisine Mango Chicken Tikka and Lean Cuisine Grilled Vegtables & Goat Cheese. Reading about these are definitely making me hungry. Stouffers-panini is not only offering in this contest a first prize of a $10,000 dollar gift card to use for one of the fabulous vacations. Also they are offering in the contest a chance to win one of twelve Sony Digital Camcorders which are valued at $500 dollars. Or you could be one of the winners of their daily instant prizes of free Stouffer’s product coupons.

For more information you should follow one of the links listed here. Or for your chance to win please go and register here to get entered. In the registration process you will receive one free entry to win any of the great prizes as well as a UPC code that you can use to enter everyday. So if you think you have a chance to win one of the great prizes hurry and enter today.


Does Your Cell Phone Need Cleaning?

So your cell phone looks like it has something growing on it and you do not know how to clean it. The fast and easy was to de-grime or disinfect your cell phone is by taking an acne pad and wipe it all over the phone, paying close attention to the keypad. Then let it air dry before using. It is simple why this works. The alcohol in the acne pad kills the germs as well as removes the oil and grime.

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