Thursday, June 4, 2009

Ways To Lessen The Risk Of Cancer

Here are some ways we all can take and do regardless of our genes or gender to lessen the risk of cancer.

* Watch your weight - Body fatness directly affects levels of many circulation hormones such as insulin, insulin like growth factors and estrogen, creating an environment that encourages carcinogenesis(cancer development) and discourages apoptosis(natural cell death). Every added inch of waist circumference increases the risk of cancer by five percent. The good news is that every inch you lose around your middle also lowers your cancer risk.

* Limit how much you eat - To eat less, serve meals on a lunch or salad plate instead of a large dinner plate. Never eat to much just because you paid for it. Bring the remainder home to enjoy for another meal.

* Cut our sugar and refined carbohydrates
- high intake of simple sugars(fructose and sucrose appear to increase the risk of cancer. Obviously sugar and refined foods contain less nutrients.

* Enjoy a plant-based diet - Approximately four billion people worldwide build their meals around foods that are grown rather than animals that need to be raised.

* Reduce meat consumption
- Red and processed meats have repeatedly been linked to colorectal cancer. Advises eating less that 18 ounces a week. Instead consume more vegetable protein like legumes and omega 3 rich fish and seafood.

* Up your fruit and vegetables intake - Eating more plant foods increases intake of a number of healthful bio-active food components, like antioxidants and phytochemicals along with more dietary fiber. Diets rich in fruit and deep yellow vegetables, dark green vegetables, onions and garlic have been linked to lower incidences of colorectal adenoma a cancer precursor.

* Take your supplements - In general women who take their multivitamin /mineral are less likely to develop cancer.

* Befriend benefecial bacteria - Health promoting bacteria such as lactobacillus, bifido bacteria and propionibacter species increase your body ability to produce substances that protect you against colon cancer.

* Drink Smart - Watch your alcohol consumption. Drinking alcohol with high colon and rectal cancer risk.

* Exercise regularly
- Moderate activity at least 30 minutes a day helps prevent a number of cancers.

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