Thursday, May 14, 2009

These Could Be Funtimes Ahead

There is no time like the present to take lessons in what could become an enticing hobby.

* Scuba - Hit the pool to master the fundamentals of a Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus. Before long you'll qualified for a down in the deep adventure.

* Botanical Watercolor - Silence the inner voice that tells you, you're no Monet or Manet and try your hand at painting flowers, trees or grass with a teachers help.

* Swimming - Never learned the crawl? Bone up on the the basics or pick up more advanced strokes such as butterfly.

* Gardening/Landscaping Design
- Aim to redo a large piece property or zero in on a single project such as growing roses, veggies or herbs.

* Horseback Riding
- Devotees swear by their early morning ride. For classes in any of these, check community centers, continuing education programs, nurseries or stables.

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