Monday, May 11, 2009

Smart Guide For Buying Fresh Fish

Most people know the old rules for buying fish, bright eyes, red gills, flesh that is resilient to the touch. But you should also keep an eye out for:

* A Fresh Look - Whole fish should look bright and shiny, as if lit form within. Gills should be deep red when lifted and bodies should be firm. Fillets and steak should appear bright and firm and the color should be consistent throughout. There should be no gaping and cracking flesh.

* Bright Eyes ( but not always ) - Here's a surprise, a fish eyes may not be reliable sign of freshness in some species they cloud right away. In others they remain clear, even after the fish has started to spoil.

* A Fresh Smell - Fish should have no smell at all or smell pleasantly of the sea.

* Good Skin
- If possible buy fillets skin-on, as skin helps retain moisture or buy a whole fish and cut it into fillets yourself.

* If Frozen, Handle With Care
- It's not true that fresh is always better than frozen. Frozen fish can be better that fresh if the fish is frozen at sea within hours of being caught. Some common frozen at sea fish include sword fish and cod. Once defrosted, previously frozen fish won't have as long a life as fresh fish. If you buy packaged frozen fish, make sure it has no milky or white flesh, which indicates freezer burn.

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~*~ Badet ~*~ said...

Thanks for sharing this, nice tip especially when I'm grocery shopping. Mind if we ex links? Let me know if it's okay. :)

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