Monday, May 11, 2009

Simple Ways To Help Your Kids Reduce Stress

Tension busting moves for kids. Here are simple ways to help you kids reduce stress.

* Blow Bubbles - First use wand and soapy solution to teach your child how to breathe properly from the diaphragm. This get kids to focus on the physical act of taking breath and letting it out slowly which helps them relax. Then you child can use the same technique without props.

* Meditate
- Encourage your child to sit quietly and breathe deeply for five minutes. Tell her/him to imagine an object (like a rose) and its specific colors, its texture and its scent. This cuts out all the external stuff and centers the child a little bit more.

* Pretend To Squeeze Lemons
- Tell your kids to squeeze an imaginary lemon in her/his right hand for several seconds then "drop" it to relax her/his hand. Have her/him repeat this exercise using here left hand, alternating hands until she's done five reps with each. This activity encourage muscles relaxation.

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