Thursday, May 14, 2009

Knows And Practice Stress Reducing Techniques

Avoiding situations that stress us out and practicing stress reducing techniques that calm us down. Among the things we can do to counter rage reflex.

* Allow extra time to get to works, airports, meetings, weddings or wherever you're worried about being on time. Better to get there early than fume over circumstances beyond your control that could make you late. The best ways is to know the compulsion to get place early, sometimes before they opened and had a positive side.

* Learn to let go of your anger by soothing your body through deep breathing and muscle relaxation exercises. Like yoga which incorporates both breath control and muscle relaxation.

* Try to find something humorous in a stressful situation.

* Beware of chemical influences that may be exacerbating. Such as excessive caffeine, diet drugs and even some antidepressants foster irritability.

* Instead of letting anger and stress go inward, use the energy to propel physical exercise, a brisk walk, treadmill and dance. Regular aerobic exercise improves both physical conditioning mood and makes your heart more resilient to the stresses you put on it.

* Take steps to guard against social isolation. Make a extra effort to reach out to friends and relatives, participate in community activities. Feeling you belong to something and that you matter to other people has positive physiological effects on your heart.

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Very Interesting stress reducer, thanks for sharing.

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