Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Get A New Attitude

Don't Worry Be Happy too trite, I thought in this stress-ridden times. I read an article that an enthusiastic and inquisitive attitude can extend our life and keep our mind strong, enhancing memory functions.Diet and exercise help also but a general sense of optimism an ability to deal well with problems, spiritual beliefs that eased emotional burdens. A strong sense of purpose whether were volunteering in mentor programs or active in your neighborhood or religious community. Mind and body enhancing behaviors become increasingly important. We need to showed an adaptability and eagerness to try new things. Happiness can change our life for the better, we need to think happy thoughts and throw the worries away.

1 comment:

Dreams2009 said...

:) Great post. Being happy is so important. I try to laugh and smile as much as I can in a day. ;)

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