Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Co-Parenting Adult Children

Protecting your marriage from the rigors of parenting adult children requires a bit of strategy. Here are some ideas:

* Remember you and your mate don't have to agree
- Your kids are mature enough now to handle differing points of view.

* Don't argue over how to help your child - As directly " How can I can be helpful to you in this situation? You may or may not be able to give what's requested, but that should be an individual decision made by each parent.

* Get out of the middle - Don't be the messenger
. Encourage family members to talk directly to one another about their grievances. It doesn't help your marriage for you to be the bearer of unpleasant news.

* Choose the well being of your marriage
- If your practice of giving unlimited financial help or unlimited counseling on the telephone, is putting a strain on your marriage, set limits. Your mate needs love and support too!


Marky said...

Your article Co-Parenting Adult Children is helpful.

BTW, thanks for visiting my website. Can we exlinks?

Makhluk Surga said...

I agree with you...we must educate and protect our son...

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