Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Accredited Heavy Equipment Schooling

In this day and age we are all looking to expand are training and knowledge in hopes that we can find a new and exciting career. Some of us go back to college for four years to get a degree in our chosen field. But that is not what all of us need. Some of us need to get training and experience in a shorter amount of time. There is a place called ATS that has a heavy equipment school and has been training people in this field for over sixteen years. ATS vocational schools have been in business training people in different fields for over forty years.

ATS will train and help you get the skills you need with a wide variety of heavy equipment. Not just backhoes but also bulldozers, excavators, skid steers, wheel loaders, mobile cranes and many others. They have locations located all around the United States and openings available for you. You can go to there website and contact them, find class dates, fill out an application, get online training or even get job placement assistance. They can also assist you with financing for the schooling and are an accredited school that is associated with the BBB and many State Boards of Education.


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These heavy equipments need a proper training to avoid accidents. An operator for a crane trucks needs an appropriate preparation or education when it comes to operating this kind of apparatus.

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