Thursday, April 23, 2009

Protect You Garden From Wild Animals


So this is the time of year that people plant gardens in hopes of growing some fresh vegetables. This is also the time of year that if you have a garden you need to think about bugs and wild animals attacking or eating your fresh vegetables and plants. One of the biggest problems for your garden is wild deer and how to learn about deer control . Wild deer are always looking for food and your garden is easy for them to get at. There is help for you and your garden. It is called Deer Off and is safe for your garden plants and vegetables.

This deer repellent when applied correctly is good for up to 90 days and will also help in repelling rabbits and squirrels. These animals can also be a problem in growing a garden and getting nice organic vegetables. This repellent is also tasteless, odorless, completely natural and weather resistant. As well as OMRI listed, so you know the quality is there. This product is made in the USA, safe and easy to apply. You just turn on the reusable battery powered sprayer and wave the sprayer over top your plants. This can be done as often as needed or wanted and will not harm the plants or the animals. So if you are looking to have a garden this year without the problem of deer’s eating your garden, I recommend the use of Deer Off.


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