Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What Does Unconditional Love Really Mean?

We all want to be loved. If the truth be told, we long for love and will go to great lengths to have it in our lives. We also carry within us some pretty grandiose ideas of how it should show up and what it should feel like. Notice the word "should" here. It tell us a great deal about how we really feel about love.

Unconditional love, the glorious, "forever after" kind of love of dreams of fairy tales, can only become real when we set it free from expectations, from all those limiting "should". Unconditional love is love without conditions, love without rules, lists, even thinly disguise hopes. Simply put, if love is tied to any of these, it will surely disappoint. Our expectations of love limit it. The condition s we place upon it stop it flow.

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Mom of Four said...

Yes indeed. Unconditional love is love with out condition, teka..ganon din yun ah..Anyway, I guess, when you really love someone, you are ready to accept them for who and what they are. Love is blind..hmmm di ba nga, even if the world is against the one that we love, we still fight for them. Because we don't see faults. Even if they have some, we let it slide because we love them. I don't know if I make sense..Thanks for visiting my site. Hope to see you again..Have a great day. Liz

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