Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Effective Debt Management

Do you have too much debt? Is your debt affecting your way of life? Would you like to find a way to pay off your debt without ruining your credit? In today’s world debt is a part of life specially when a lot of people have lost their job and our economy is not doing so well. A lot people also are in debt and sometimes they are having a problem because they cannot control their spending. Do you know what IVA means? Well IVA is short for Individual Voluntary Arrangement it is a legally binding agreement between organizations and people that you owe money too. Or in short your creditors.

But don’t worry there are places and people like ClearDebt that can assist you with making these arrangements with your creditors to pay off and eliminate your debt in as little as 3 to 5 years. ClearDebt has licensed insolvency practitioner to help you thru this process from start to finish and assist in coming up with a realistic amount you can afford and a debt management plan. You can also go to their website at http://www.cleardebt.co.uk/new/ and take the ClearDebt test right now to see if you qualify for the IVA solution. So if this seems like we are talking about you, you should waste no time to take a look at their website and take the test.

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